The Languages of Xain

About 70 languages are still extant on Xaîn, mostly belonging to 10 major language groups, namely:

  • Akímali and its dialects, such as Kelder and Ellesh
  • Tsundranese languages such as Tsundrat, Rkglevi, and Dao
  • Ushperan languages such as He'enna and Möbada
  • the Talfan Straits languages such as 'Esh'entsits, Tetsapukuone, Forest Paore, Shore Paore, Gendanese, and Wwé
  • Mmandre and the related Coastal KaShri languages
  • Malinggyosh and the Central KaShri dialects
  • Plains Xaldashi languages such as Q!ung, Do-es-Ntali, Pelorindi, and Xa
  • North Xaldashi languages, including Morxanin, Rukfe, and I-Kerioti
  • East Xaldashi languages (Tawi and Xassi)
  • Bersenn (the language of the autochthons of the Nulaii, now almost defunct as a living language, and related to no other on the planet)
It is notable that this is far fewer than are currently spoken by humans; whether this is because of the greater age of Xaîni civilisation, the influence of xathmel (see below), or differences between the two species is uncertain, and likely to remain so.

Although the differing cultures of the Homeworld speak many languages, xathmel, the language of the Common Culture, is used as a means of communication between them, and is the vehicle for much of the literature and virtually all technical and scientific work. This language originated in the creole that grew up when the Xaldashi people, under the leadership of their shaman-generals Xamwar and Waxal, invaded the island continent of Akíma Lian. The invaders spoke Q!ung and related Plains Xaldashi dialects, isolating languages with a complex phonetic and verbal system very different from the tonal, agglutinating languages of the Akimali; a lingua franca evolved during the occupation which was subsequently codified and extended by the great A'elian, who united the Homeworld as a single entity and founded the Common Culture. Xathmel is discussed in detail on the following pages.

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