Airs and Dances of the Fractal Republic

The Fractal Republic is an autonomous cybersyndicalist political entity lying between the Foothills of Confusion and the Plusplus Sea (OK, no more programming jokes, I promise.) It has neutral observer status at the Disunited Nations, an equable climate, and excellent crops of kumquats and electric melons. The Fractal Republic believes in the moral sanctity of Good Food, Good Music, and Good Conversation, not necessarily in that order. In the Fractal Republic, everyone can do what they want, as long as they do what they're told.

The Republic claims that it was founded by the twin demigods, Tosh and Tedium, who were abandoned in a carpark by their longsuffering parents and subsequently raised by hyenas. Power is seen to be vested in the Tergiversatory Council, a body of citizens elected on the basis of looking sharp and always having a smart reply, although in fact it vests in no such place. The Council has been dominated for the last 20 years by the Peoples Preservative Party, on the basis of an election manifesto which promised that you too could lose pounds and look years younger, although subsequent experience has proved that the only pounds lost have been from the wallet.

The simple peasant folk of the Republic like to pass the time between melon harvests in the unsophisticated pleasures of haute cuisine and merrymaking. Their musical tradition is long (as anyone who has sat through one of their concerts can testify) and charming (in small doses). This page has the pleasure of presenting some of it to new vict- er, audiences.

<BEGIN SERIOUSLY ENTHUSIASTIC MODE> This music was mainly produced using the truly remarkable Sseyo program, Koan X Platinum. Anyone who likes music but is (like me) too lazy to put in the years of learning how to play an instrument should seriously consider getting a copy of this excellent software, which enables even non-musicians (again, like me) to produce genuinely listenable sounds. It's generative music (means it's slightly different each time, so each performance is unique. (That at least gives this stuff rarity value.) And you can even download a trial version for free. Real musicians should probably consider its big brother, Koan Pro. <END SERIOUSLY ENTHUSIASTIC MODE> You need to download the Sseyo Koan Plugin to play these files - it's a fairly swift and painless process. Try it.

The Music

I have attempted to integrate these pieces with fractal images, and in some cases text, to create a complete piece. Those with slow connections be advised that some of the images are up to about 100kB. The music files, on the other hand, are small and download fairly rapidly.

Created with Sseyo Koan PRO/Koan X Platinum for the AWE 64 soundcard. All intellectual rights in these compositions remain the property of . Fractal images mainly from Fractint, the original and still best freeware fractal generator